EU Consultation Timetable   


Policy FieldClosing DateMore Information
Stakeholder consultation on Smart RegulationGeneral and Institutional Affairs25.06.2010More Information
"EU Citizens' Rights - The way forward": Consultation on how to strengthen the rights stemming from Union CitizenshipJustice, Freedom and Security14.06.2010More Information
Public Consultation on a possible approach towards the revision of the Outdoor Noise Directive 2000/14/ECEnterprise30.06.2010More Information
Public consultation on the legal framework for veterinary medicinal productsPublic Health15.07.2010More Information
Strategic Choices for the Implementation of the New EU Competence in the Field of Sport: EU-wide public consultationSport01.06.2010More Information
Public consultation regarding a future proposal for a new European and Developing Countries Clinical Trials Partnership (EDCTP)Research and Technology15.06.2010More Information
Consultation on approaches for a possible EU legislative proposal on the management of spent fuel and radioactive wasteEnergy31.05.2010More Information
Consultation on the review of the scheme of generalised tariff preferences (GSP)Trade31.05.2010More Information
Public consultation on the review of the European Standardisation SystemEnterprise21.05.2010More Information
Review of customs legislation on enforcement of intellectual property rightsCustoms25.05.2010More Information
Commission launches consultation on how European Company Statute (SE) worksInternal Market23.05.2010More Information
Consultation regarding a review of the exemption of cadmium ban provided for portable batteries and accumulators intended for use in cordless power tools (CPT).Environment10.05.2010More Information
Universal service principles in electronic communications.Information society07.05.2010More Information
Public Consultation on the Green Paper On Forest Protection and Information in the EU: Preparing forests for climate change.Environment31.07.2010More Information
Draft publication Radiation Protection 162: Radiation Criteria for Acceptability of Medical Radiological Equipment Used in Diagnostic Radiology, Nuclear Medicine and Radiotherapy, update of European Commission publication Radiation Protection 91, 1997.Energy30.06.2010More Information

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