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The ACP Civil Society Forum

In October 1997, more than 30 civil society organisations from the ACP regions met in Entebbe, Uganda, and agreed to establish a common platform to address issues relating to ACP-EU cooperation. Seven ACP NGOs, representing the four African sub-regions (Southern, Central, East and West Africa), the Caribbean and the Pacific were mandated to drive the process leading to the establishment of the platform - the ACP Civil Society Forum.

The Forum is meant to be a democratic, transparent and inclusive coalition of not-for-profit organisations working on issues relating to ACP-EU development cooperation. It seeks to cater for the diverse range civil society development issues within the wide geographic coverage of the ACP group. It will benefit from, and be informed by, the diverse expertise and competencies of the membership.


The objectives of the ACP Civil Society Forum are:

  1. to provide a platform for civil society actors in the ACP to formulate common positions on issues of concern relevant to ACP-EU cooperation;
  2. to articulate the views and concerns of marginalised social groups in ACP countries;
  3. to facilitate dialogue between ACP civil society organisations and official institutions of the ACP Group and the EU (e.g. the ACP Secretariat, the Joint Parliamentary Assembly and the European Commission);
  4. to support and strengthen the participation of ACP civil society organisations in the ACP-EU development cooperation framework; and
  5. to regularly access, update and share information on developments at all levels of ACP-EU cooperation.

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